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German Grammar Tables - Advanced Level

German Grammar Tables - Advanced Level
A4 Document
PDF Format
4 pages
  • Page 1: Conjugation of SEIN/ HABEN/ WERDEN; Ablaut Verbs; Modal Auxiliary Verbs; Präteritum; Präteritum of Strong Verbs; Präteritum of Mixed Verbs; Präteritum of Modal Auxiliary Verbs
    Page 2: Konjunktiv I. (Subjunctive); Konjunktiv II. (Conditional); zu + Infinitive Constructions
    Page 3: Passive Voice; Past Tense; Simultaneity; Anteriority; Posteriority; Participles
    Page 4: Inflections of Adjectives, Inflections of Noun Adjuncts, Comparison of Adjectives, Constructions with Comparisons
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